ARC Europe – Friday 7th May 2010

Position at: 1200 UTC

20⁰ 34.83 N 64⁰ 36.04 W

Distance covered in 24 hrs 168 Nautical Miles

Heading: Due North

Had a very fast night , well healed over and hardly ever below 7 knots, hence 168 miles which is equal to our record in Anam Cara and was set crossing the Atlantic back in 2008. We were pleased with ourselves but know that had we had a clean start we would have broken the record; never mind and as we also had a good day, we hope to break the recordin next 24 hrs. I must say having a nice clean bottom certainly gives us that extra bit if speed,. But, thus speed and distance achievement came with a price. Due to the large bow waves we had to batten down all the cabin hatches and that made sleeping difficult due to the heat. We ave also discovered a small leak in the forward cabin hatch, ,job for Bermuda.

It has in the main been a day of settling into a routine, both Chris and Andrew seem to have got over their sicky feelings and found their sea legs, we even put out 2 fishing lines but to no avail, wrong timeof the day; will have to get them out at dawn tomorrow, feeding time for fish!

Again, like the other Atlantic crossing, we can only see two other boats around us, very strange when we all start and finish in the same place!

Quite day on the food front, snacks mainly though we did allow ourselves, after a request from Chris, a Gin & Tonic, “Purrrfect”

Generator working but something is not quite right with it and the battery charger didn’t go up to its maximum output of 38 amp hrs so tomorrow, hopefully, we will put in the new charger.

SSB working well thanks to dogged determination by chris, we are in now in contact with the fleet net,

Crew send Love and regards to all friends and loved ones,

Geoff, Chris and Andrew

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