We continue the “Wine” theme

Wednesday 14th September

With all the comings and goings we decided to head off early this morning so as not to impede the morning shift arriving around 0800hrs, and it was a good job we did, because as we were leaving, we passed them coming in, they seemed endless!!!    Our destination today is “Chusclan”, another free overnight stop set in amongst the grape vines with a the local wine producer on the opposite side of the road, “Maison Sinnae”, heaven!!!

Beautiful views whilst driving

Another un-eventful drive through rural France traversing countless roundabouts, arriving at our stop mid afternoon.   It was a good job we arrived reasonably early as the area was already filling up with others following us in.

We have been here many times and know the area quite well, so we immediately headed down to the river where we used to take Sooty and Bella.    As soon as Tom-Tom and Rosie “clocked” the water they were in it, and they had a “whale-of-a-time” fetching the sticks we threw in.   On the return we used “Sandy’s ball” again to both dry them off and finish them off as we will leave them in “Rosie” while we visit the winery!!!

I had a long walk along path, where there were pomegranate s

Maison Sinnae has been a cooperative in the hands of a united group of 200 winegrowers since 1925 and today Maison Sinnae counts over 2800 hectares, and is one of the largest vineyards in the Rhône Valley.    The last time we were here we bought a fair amount of their wine, but the vintages we were tasting today were nice, but they didn’t really “hit” the spot so only bough 1-mixed case😡😡, anyway, Châteauneuf-du-Pape tomorrow!!!!!

Fabulous sunset over the grape vines in walk to night

By the time we were back in the motorhome the “park” was full; a “clutch” of German registered vehicles had arrived and “commandeered” all the spare central space, never mind, we head to Frejus tomorrow

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