A Day of Rest

Sunday 10th September 2023

A leisurely morning with a very late breakfast to kick-start the day as there was nothing planned other than the rugby later in the day.  The best match was probably going to be the Wales V Fiji one kicking off at 2100hrs, so no rush.

Sandy and Wendy

It didn’t seem more than 5-minutes had past before we were eating lunch; too much talking!!!!

In the afternoon the three of them went for a walk in their local woods, I didn’t go as apparently it was “up-n-down” steep hills so I watched the rugby!!!

Playing in the pool

When they returned the dogs had obviously had a good time judging by the state of them, so over to Christine:-

“We left the house, and two minutes later both Tom and Rosie, were covered in mud, 

Dogs loving the clean water

Rosie no longer had a white head, she was dirty brown all over!  We passed several houses, then headed to the woods, which was up a steep hill, and then open land, where Sandy pointed to a Fontaine, which in days gone by, ladies did their washing. Ok dogs go and wash yourself off, which they did, in and out, playing round and round in circles, now they were only wet not muddy!  We made our way back a different route, but remembered just in time to put them on the lead before the muddy stream.  Lovely walk thank you Sandy and Wendy I really enjoyed it, and I know the dogs did!”

The rest of the day followed the same pattern and suddenly it was dinner time!!!!

The Japan V Chile and the South Africa V Scotland matches went as expected, but the last match, Wales V Fiji was a very different matter, what a nail-biting game with Wales well ahead with 10-minutes to go but then the fireworks, Fiji came back scoring two tries in as many minutes whilst Wales were at “sixes and sevens” and Fiji were on for third to give them the match, only to drop the last pass and the clock was in the red.  Wendy, not a regular fan was mesmerised, I think she may become a convert!!!

Sandy and Wendy on our walk

We have an early start in the morning, so said our goodbyes before heading to bed.

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