We are complete now

Friday 28th July

Sun shining this morning, but for how long?  The forecast isn’t too good, still it is what it is, we’ll make the most of it.

Around mid morning Mark arrived with Oakley, his Beagle puppy in his camper van with Paula in close pursuit driving her parents (Derick and Cath) car.   We had booked two adjacent pitches but as the pitches are so big, we could all fit onto one pitch; note to self, only book one next time!!  Once settled they headed off to the beach, Mark is a fanatical surfer and couldn’t wait to get going even though the state of the sea wasn’t too conducive to good surf.   We on the other hand headed back to Saunton Sands as the doge really do enjoy the freedom, the surf, and the sand dunes, and of course we also get some good exercise. 

Wild and windy, brilliant walk along beach

Tonight we had volunteered to do a bar-b-q for everybody and as the family left Northampton around 0500hrs, their request was for an early one.   Unfortunately the wind was swirling and in-spite of a couple of wind breaks, we couldn’t get the gas bar-b-q to get hot enough and if that wasn’t enough, it kept going out so most of the food was cooked by Christine in the oven.   Mark on the other hand got his new modern “posh” charcoal one out, lit it and managed to also cook.  His “Lotus” charcoal one is a very clever design, it’s made to avoid being blown out, ideal for the U.K. 

Derick is not a well man at the moment so he and Cath are actually staying in a local B&B, so after dinner, in the early evening Mark drove them to their “something” for the next few nights.  Once he returned the four of us had a “good-old-catch” up enjoying a selection of “gin-n-tonics” sitting out albeit in thick coats!!!

A quick walk around at field with the dogs completed the evening before heading to bed.  Tomorrow we are heading to Putsborough Beach looking for the surf!!!

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