Our trip to the UK

Well we have arrived here, its a lot colder than I remember, we arrived in Portsmouth on the ferry, we first went to Gunwharf to buy a suitcase then onto Petersfield to choose a Christening Presnt for Mia, and also see if Geoff could get his watch chain sorted. We managed the first, a 1894 serviette ring, we had it engraved with Mias name and said we would be back to collect it later. Dinner at Kathleen and Toms and an early night ready for the next trip.

Thursday today and we are meeting Liz for lunch, after much discussions we went to the Kings Head, we have been there before, and the food as usual was excellent, after delivering Liz back home a quick cup of tea, then onto Jane and Daves, where we are stopping for a few days.

Mia is beautiful, and so good, she sleeps all through the night, and so content, she loves the bath, kicks and giggles all the time, after bath time, Jane feeds her, and by nine, she is tucked into her cot listening to classic Fm, and asleep in minutes. we spent the next couple of days sorting things out, emptying the car, and helping Jane with Mia.

Saturday we went to a horse show, we all went in the horse box, which was good fun, Jane managed to get two firsts which means she is now through to the next stage, she was very pleased.

Sunday we travelled up to Ellesmere Port, we stayed at the Holiday Inn, and the next morning we met two builders to discuss the work on the house, still not mine but will be soon, hope to complete next week. We had listed out the jobs, and the both left saying they would prepare estimates, we had a kitchen man in to give an estimate, plus the carpet fitter also for estimates. The gardener called later having been over and seen the jungle, he also gave me a quote.
I feel I have done as much as I can at present, but do feel I am making progress.

Tuesday we headed for Bradford to meet up with Rickey and Mickey, I have never been there, so it was lovely to see the Yorkshire Moors, with all the trees going gold, very pretty. The area that Ricky and Mickey live in, is lovely and very pretty, so glad we ventured north. We went out for a buffet curry in the evening, which was amazing, so many different tastes, very good. Holst also joined us, and insisted on paying, which was even better! Lovely evening.

Wednesday we had to go to Leeds to see my Solicitor as they had to change the legal bits, as the owner of the house had died, and we wanted to complete the next day, so worth the trip. we went onto York, which I thoroughly enjoyed, we wondered around the Shambles, where Geoff found a shop selling Beef in Yorkshire Puds, so that was our lunch, we then had a guided trip around York Minster, which was fascinating.
In the evening we went for a steak night, which I actually had swordfish, Geoff had gammon steak, Rickey and Mickey had the steaks, with the different ales to try, we both enjoyed another good night out.

Thursday we headed back to Essex, caught up with the washing etc., and Friday Jane and I had our nails done in town, for once they look good.

Saturday, another trip to Portsmouth, we left early so that we could have a bacon sandwich at our favourite place near Guildford Ockham Bites, on route, and we were in Petersfield by 10 am, we then went down to Gunwharf, where we purchased another suitcase, as mine was too small to take all our clothes for the trip. Made a very quick call on Kathleen to collect my jacket, then we met Jenny at her new house in Horndean, then onto Pats for a quick cuppa, then we headed back to Essex, Phew what a day!

Sunday Mia’s Christening day, the weather is lovely, and most came to the house before we left for the church, Mia is wearing a Christening dress that was made in the 1850’s, it was beautiful and a lovely heirloom. Mia was passed around from pillow to post, but she took everything in her stride, we had photos outside by the stables and then onto the church, a lovely service with another family, and Mia behaved very well, outside we had more photos, then onto the
pub, where we had an excellent roast dinner, back to the house, to cut the cake. It was lovely to see Mark Paula and the girls, a lovely day was had by all.

Monday was a quiet day, and on Tuesday we helped Jane get the horsebox MOT, sadly it failed, but after gentle persuasion they managed to sort the problems out, and we left with a full certificate. We came back and after quick showers we were off to London to meet Andrew. We caught the train, and after walking around in a big circle we found his flat, which is lovely, he is living on his own now, in a one bedroom flat, and very nice is was. In the evening we went out for a meal, to the Goucho Grill, I couldnt believe the cost of everything, my steak cost £48 and thats with no veg, it was lovely, but wow how expensive, glad I wasn’t paying, we then went onto see Spectra, the latest James Bond Film. What a good day we have had, thanks Andrew, living in Spain has spoilt us.

Thursday we went for breakfast, and then wondered around Oxford Street, Bond Street etc., until we decided we have had enough, and caught the train back to Essex.

Friday we left at lunchtime to travel to Northampton for Tyla’s 18th party, we booked into the Holiday Inn at Crick, and then travelled over to the party, Mark and Paula have had a big extension on their house, which was stunning, a fabulous kitchen, with a large dinning room,can’t wait to see it finished.
Tyla looked lovely, where have all those years gone, we had a lovely night, seeing old and new faces, a good evening was had by all.

Saturday we were up early and on the road by 7.15am, we decided to have breakfast at Cheshire Oaks, where we were going to have my dressed altered, whilst we went onto Ellesmere Port, everything went well, we booked the dresses in, had a McDonalds breakfast, then onto Ellesmere, we did everything we needed to do, met the builder, went to Agents, paid for the carpets, then back to pick the dresses up and home in time to watch the Rugby final, another busy day, I was exhausted and went to bed early.

Sunday has been spent on washing and ironing, and trying to get everything in our suitcases, great fun, we put things in and took them out again, we finally got down to 23kg, hope we havent left things out that we need, we always pack too much anyway, so now waiting for the off tomorrow.






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