Start of our trip to USA

Having had best part of twenty months at home, due to illnesses, hospitals appointments, operation etc etc, we have finally escaped, only to start again when I return in January, hate this getting old! With my shipping order of pills, we are off to UK, and then on three cruises, two train rides, and a two week villa stop in Florida.

Having packed the house up, emptied all the fridges etc., we are finally off. The packing had to be fitted in between going for coffee in the village to say farewell to our friends, F1, and the Irish – French Rugby match, which was more exciting than any of the English games! Well done Ireland for beating the French.

The villa is finally closed, all shutters down, looking immaculate for all the prospective buyers to come and view, whilst we are away, ha ha!!! It’s 6am and we are on the road. We both drove for 90 minutes, and I found a very Spanish village, where no English was spoken, Geoff managed to order toastados and jam, tea and coffee, although I went back to car and got proper tea bag, lovely lady gave me a fresh cup of hot water, everything was good. Thanks James for teaching us something! €4.5 was the bill, why are we going to UK.

Past Madrid, and getting colder, feel a bit out of it in shorts, still we got fleeces out and had a coffee, then hit the road north, raining now, oh dear, definitely need to go back South! Stopped for lunch, to find its a fiesta day (red day/bank holiday). Menu del dia €20, but we had a lovely fish soup, I had an entrecôte steak which was really tasty, Geoff had lamb chops. Including a bottle of wine and puddings, Well worth the money.

Finally arrived at our destination Portugalete, lovely Hotel on the Nervion riverbank, with the famous Vizcaya Transporter bridge opened in 1893 just down the road, it is a world heritage site, you can actually walk at the top of bridge which is 45 metres high from one side to the other. Lovely Hotel, ideal for the ferry tomorrow. We walked around the town, which had escalators on the pavement to help you get to the top of the Hill, amazing place.

We went to get some tapas and a drink, but nothing looked inviting, so we are now planning an early night, it’s been a long day.




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