Tour d’France

Friday 9 July 2021

Up quite late this morning, due to a bad night, brain would not keep quiet, still never mind.  After the usual chores, I decided to wander to the town, and to my horror, we are completely blocked off road wise, barriers were in place, concrete blocks to stop you going anywhere, so no hospital for me until after the Tour d’France is over, poor Geoff will have no one to moan at!

Love the umbrella

I walked up the town to find the market, but it was for meats today, so didn’t need anything, I found a lovely square, where people were having their morning coffee’s, thought of Geoff missing out on all this.  Meandered round the streets, lots of lovely shops, and many of the bigger brands were here.  The smaller shops interested me, several were full of different cheeses, whilst the bakeries, and the chocolate shops, were full of goodies.

One of the busy squares

Back to the boat, and met the man we had seen at Trebes, and told him our woes, we laughed about the taxis, then parted. I was cooking lunch when Ray my new friend came to the boat and has offered to take the boat back to Bram on Sunday, so that’s a load of my mind. So Sunday is taken care off.

Another side street

Later in the day, I went and watched the Tour D’France, they had a massive parade of various floats, police bikes, and eventually the bikes came through, they were so fast, blink and you missed them, still it was interesting watching.

After it was all over I tried to go and see Geoff, it was a nightmare, still locked in, whichever way I went, eventually another charming man moved some barriers for me, and guided me out, bless him, people can be so kind.
Geoff was sitting up, and not expecting me, so I think he was pleased I had come, although he was still loosing a lot of blood clots, I think on Monday the doc will operate, he talked about it yesterday, we will see, but he is not coming out anytime soon.
When I left, to do the ten minute journey home it took me one and a half hours because of road closures and barriers, so the car has a different home tonight, and I walked the rest of the way.  Bedtime calls.

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