Sunday 11th September 2016

Wow, what a difference, sunny, blue skies, and warmer too.  What a lovely trip, only six locks, beautiful scenery, and wall to wall sunshine.  I do miss the English countryside, but not the weather…..

As we approached Newbury, we came to a swing bridge, fortunately there was a boat ahead of us, so we decided to be naughty and let them open it, but in fact, someone coming the other way had done it for us both, so we both thanked them, and kept going, at the
last lock we were invited to go in first, and to stay on board, they had lots of helpers, they were giving the locals rides for charity, easier doing the locks with another boat, they advised us where to moor, instead of going into the marina, so we filled up with water and diesel, and parked opposite the marina, apparently we can stay here for fourteen days.

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