Saturday 10th September 2016

Today is miserable, and I mean miserable. Rain, rain and more rain.

We are not going to be put off with a little bit of wet stuff, so we walked up to the village of Kintbury, yes you guessed, the Lardy cake was waiting for us.  When we arrived at the shop, the window was filled with lots of different breads, cakes, and quiches, everything looked lovely.  We bought the Lardy cake, Geoff wanted some bread with olives in, and as we hadn’t had breakfast we bought some croissants, went home and had breakfast.

We studied the weather, and it is not good, when the rain stopped we thought about going, but the other boats told us we wouldn’t get to Newbury, so we decided to just settle down with a book, and also watch some television.  Just as well, as the rain continued for the rest of the evening.

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