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Friday 23rd February 2024

Market Day

It is Market day in Pilar de La Horadada, so after breakfast and sorting ourselves out, we headed there; nothing much had changed and though we didn’t need anything, one can’t be in Spain on market day and not have “churros con chocolate”. normally we would have a dozen but as we were heading out to lunch, “reluctantly” we  had to make do with just 6-between us😡😡😡.   Oh yes, we did buy an orange squeezer as we were back enjoying our daily glass of freshly squeezed oranges.

Chocolate churros

Lunch today is with Mary at “Meson El Prado”, a popular Spanish restaurant in San Miguel frequented by many English people!!!  Still we had a good lunch and it was good to catch up with Mary.

Heading back to the villa, we stopped off for a few cans of Guinness in preparation for tomorrow, and having had long lingering lunch, we did nothing else, just flopped in front of the TV for the evening.

Mary enjoying lunch

Saturday 24th February 2024

Nothing much happening today other than an afternoon of six nations rugby matches this afternoon; Ireland V Wales and Scotland V England, but first we had the morning to get through.

The sun was shining so headed to the village for a coffee and whatever we fancied on arrival!!!   There have been a number of changes to the “hostelries” in the village, one being the “panaderia”; it’s moved and that’s where we chose to go.

We overcooked our order.  We ordered a baguette with double bacon between us but what turned up would have been plenty for four people, still we managed to finish it!!!!!!

Back at home Christine went to sit in the sun whilst I poured my Guinness and sat in front of the tele.   

The first game was disappointing by Wales, but Ireland put on a master class performance and won 31 – 7.  Now for the Calcutta Cup, and England need a good performance not to mention the fact that Scotland have won the last three fixtures; England Expects and all that, but no, a dismissal performance by England who lost 30 – 21; is the coaching team at fault????

Having enjoyed a few cans of Guinness we settled in for another quiet evening; must be getting old!!!

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