Campoverde, here we come

Thursday 22nd February 2024

The dreaded alarm woke us at some un-Godly hour; self inflicted of course!!, but we are on a mission.  We are heading back to Campoverde and being Thursday, it is Cribbage day, yes the Crib school is still flourishing and we want to join in, hence the early start.

Fabulous sunrise on route

Under normal circumstances it is just under two hours to get there but being a Monday morning, who knows so we left earlier, allowing extra time for hold ups.   A final clear-up and a check around the gardens for dogs “poos”, and we were off.  

Up to Alicanté the AP7 was fine, we were on schedule but the road around Alicanté was stop go, stop go and our extra time was being whittled away, but eventually the traffic disappeared and we could “put the pedal to the metal” and hopefully we can get some time back .

We pulled into the car park in Campoverde with five minutes to spare and met up with Malcolm and Mary in the car park, phew, not late!!

It was very nice to catch-up with the “originals”, and good to meet a few new players, but more importantly to know the “Campoverde cribbage school” is still thriving thanks to Hazel and Jim, though it was strange to be returning the Lucia’s after several years; but all good.

Calle Acebo,

This visit we have arranged to stay in our old house in Calle Acebo, but wouldn’t be collecting the keys until the afternoon so stayed on at Lucia’s for a “menu del dia”; 3-courses and a drink all for €8 (circa £6.80); slight change though, only one glass of wine not half a bottle!!!

Keys collected and in we went.   It felt strange going back into the “old” place, especially as Lee and Sarah only use it as a holiday home at present and not a lot has changed, yet.  The garden however has matured nicely over the last few years and Christine was really chuffed after all her hard work in the early days of our ownership planting up etc.   The dogs were happy with all the outside steps and pool area to run around and we settled in for a quiet night before we start our rounds of socialising and catching up with everyone tomorrow.

No swimming this time
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