Our journey begins……

Sunday. Our journey home from Manchester, the snow had spread South, it was slow, very cold, and torturous, instead of the normal four hours, it took over seven hours, apparently every seven minutes there was an accident, we saw lorries jack knifed, cars crunched, people walking on the motorways having abandoned their cars, I for one was glad we got back to Jane’s, especially as there was a steak and kidney pie waiting for us. Despite the journey, the trip was well worth doing as the show was magical, and it was good to meet up with Andrew, Liz, Marian and Martin, many thanks to all.

We couldn’t do much the next couple of days, Geoff had his car serviced, I babysat Mia, the snow was quite deep, Jane was ok with her four wheel drive car, we couldn’t get our car out we just skidded on the ice in the yard.

Thursday. I was awake really early, couldn’t get back to sleep, really excited, so up showered and breakfast, out of hotel before 9am, we were going by shuttle bus, but taxi was so much easier, the Uber man was really friendly and helpful. Couldn’t book our seats on line, which was really worrying, but we now are sitting in the executive lounge, drinking champagne, having sorted everything.

Now we are off on our holiday of a lifetime, let’s hope it’s lives up to our expectations……..

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