Business Class All the way

Having enjoyed the executive lounge, Geoff is a member courtesy of his bank, we headed for the departure lounge, which was further than we thought, as we had to catch the train, anyway when we arrived, there was a delay in loading, so we just sat down and waited, I thought they called us through, but Geoff said no so we waited. When we eventually got to the desk, the lady said, could she have our tickets as we were being upgraded, we didn’t argue with her, she said we wouldn’t be together would that be a problem, we quickly said no that’s ok, we would suffer the separation! Well when we got on board, the guy that was sitting next to Geoff, quickly swapped with him, so there we were, sitting together as well, what a treat, it has been a long time since we have been in these seats.

The champagne was almost non stop, although I think I drank all the sparkling water that was on board, the food tasted better when it was on proper china plates with knives and forks, instead of the tin foil and plastic cutlery.

I watched Dunkirk, and Elf the film, and just laid back and enjoyed the experience.

Benefits of Business Class we were one of the first off, so we were also first in the queue for immigration, so we cleared that very quickly, our bags were ages coming off, but I guess that’s because we were early booking in, anyway it didn’t matter we cleared Customs, a very relaxing flight, thank you British Airways.

It is 2am UK time, and 18.00 California time, we are both tired but want to stay awake for a few more hours, to get rid of the time difference, we are now in Hilton Hotel, on the waterfront so we will explore tomorrow.

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