Our first day in Andorra


After a good night’s sleep we went down to the Hotel Restaurant for a hearty breakfast, though for €8.00 each it was not that hearty, still we are on holiday and this is Andorra where Tourists are one of their main source of incomes.

20131107-191234.jpgAfter an enjoyable walk through their capital (Andorra La Vella) we found their central park and with Autumn in the air and the foliage changing colour, it was a sight to behold; add to this a fast running river running alongside, our spectacle was complete. It was now time for a mid morning coffee.

Re charged we were off again and we came across the Centre of “administrative affairs”, imagewell government buildings to you and us, we wandered into this old looking building 20131108-071939.jpgwhich turned out to be the original Government offices and parliament. We booked a tour for 1330 hrs. So had 45 minutes to kill so looked around for a suitable restaurant where we could retire to after. The tour started (just the two of us and the guide) of these parliament buildings that were built in 1580 and learnt some of the Andorran history, which was fascinating, we didn’t realize the complexities of their history, it was well worth the visit. Our tour must have been the last of the morning as we were shown the exit door, must be their lunch time!!

imageimageBy now it was time for our long and lingering lunch; we had already found a suitable restaurant, specializing in fish rice dishes, Paella to most people!! Here we enjoyed a couple of bottles of local red accompanied by first and second courses, or should I say food accompanied by wine, who knows other than to say we had an excellent lunch where we unwound, after all it was the start of our holidays following and exhausting summer back in Spain, Ha Ha!!!!!

20131107-190754.jpgAnother stroll through the town looking for this and that then back to the Hotel for a picnic in our room; after all we had to finish the food we brought with us!!!

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