Journey to France

We decided to leave breakfast this morning, and head of to France, so we continued over the Pyrenees, with the fabulous views of the valleys, with all the trees turning different 20131109-102650.jpgimagecolours, really spectacular, we stopped after the border and had a picnic breakfast then travelled onto Arcachon, the weather has  now changed! we have gone from sunny and 12 degrees to similar temperatures, but raining and very miserable. Our main objective was to get a cup of tea/coffee, and after numerous attempts, the cafe were either closed for holidays or being refitted, eventually we found a place, we were sitting having a nice drink when a coach load of Chinese people arrived, so we moved on!
We arrived at Hotel about 6pm, booked ourselves in then went for dinner, it took us ages to find a restaurant, definitely out of seasons here, it was a horrible night weather wise, although food was good.

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