Oh dear!

Well we were up early, 6.30am to qualify for cheap tickets we had to go to Holiday Inn resort, to hear a presentation! Think this should be fun!

We had breakfast, then we were off in a smart taxi, well we arrived ok, showed the passports, then we were registered, and a guy was allocated to us, he took us off in a buggy, to see these lovely apartments, here we go folks, timeshare. Actually No they said, this is a different system, this is a point system, well we listened to the guy, and it sounded just up our street, we could buy it over ten years, then pass it on to the kids, by which time they would be getting free holidays, all sounded good. We wanted Hotels, not resorts, but yes we could do that as well. Hey this is good. We can go anywhere in the world, for very little money, and after about four years we would get our money back, so far so good. Travel out of season, is better value for money, so we thought we could do this, in fact we signed up for it, even paid the deposit, we asked lots of questions, everything was great. Our normal holidays would be four days here, then move on, another four days somewhere, move again yes we can do that, for very little money. We enquires about a holiday in south of Spain, that worked out cheap, but then we asked how much would it cost to go to holiday inn Gunwharf, well that would cost us 25,000 points, well we were only getting 159,000, so do the maths, we could only stay in six plus nights in hotels, and all our points would be gone. The reason it works, you go to resorts, and they haven’t many of them, certainly not outside of USA. Having wasted a lot of time and effort on this, they realised we were not going to do this, so they gave us two more offers, which we declined, they then gave us our money back, and sent us home in a dilapidated bus! Oh well never mind, we got our cheap tickets for Epcot, and it was an experience.

We made a cuppa, relaxed in the room, and then we walked to Hooters

20151125-203149.jpg especially for Geoff, to cheer him up, he has my cold, sorry ‘man flue’
We had a lovely dinner and pudding, then we went back to the hotel.

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