Epcot Centre

Up quite early, a quick breakfast, then on the road to Epcot, only a few miles, and we arrived before 9.30am, very easy to park, in the huge car parks. We caught the train to the main entrance, and quickly gained access to the park.20151126-222645.jpg we then queued and went into the spaceship earth, where we explored the history of communications, from Stone Age to computer age.20151126-222929.jpg we were asked questions, and this picture shows where we end up.
We then moved onto the next ride, which was mission space, the wait went from 40 minutes to 80 minutes, so we decided to skip this one, we went and had a cup of coffee, updated our cards to get priority on three rides, and went onto the Circle of Life, which was on conservation, based on Lion King, it was very good. We moved on to the Living with the Land, we managed to get priority on this one, so no queuing, I found this very interesting as it was on plants etc., we went to various other rides, which were good fun.
We moved onto the World traveler section, and took a pint in the Rose and Crown, Marian used to work here, so we wanted to see it.


20151126-224411.jpg apparently it hasn’t changed a bit!
We moved on and went into a few more rides, then went to Italy, and Venice for a late lunch, which was very good, washed down with a bottle of Chianti.
We meandered through many other countries, we went on a water ride in Mexico, took a boat trip across the lake, and went back to the Missions Space where you experience NASA style training with a simulated space launch, it was very good, scary in places, but glad we went on it, probably best ride of the day.
Time is moving on now, we decided to have a coffee, and wait for the fireworks, which were amazing, well worth the wait.
Fantastic day, well worth the money, we made our way home absolutely shattered, but glad we came.

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