Locked the house up and went for breakfast in the Rusty Nail, what a change, a lovely smiley face, instead of the miserable one. Lovely breakfast before we headed for Malaga, a nice trip down stopping on route at a typical Spanish hostlery, one coffee, one tea, two cakes and a brandy for Geoff 5€ brilliant.
We arrived in Malaga about 2pm, booked into the hotel, and decided to walk to see where the courts were. Well when I booked the hotel, I felt sure they were just around the corner, sadly they were way out of town about a forty minute walk, we decided that we could take the car tomorrow, as there are plenty of parking spots. 1.20€ a day.
We walked back to the hotel, where we decided to put our feet up for an hour or so.
Geoff unpacked his breathing machine, to find out it did not work, oh no! A bad night ahead, no sleeping properly, and heavy snoring! Geoff can’t last five nights, he will be back falling asleep at breakfast again, so we will have to go home after the court case.
Later we walked into the old part of town and had a relax and a nice meal.
Back in the hotel shattered.

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