Court Malaga

Up early, a quick breakfast, then we drove to the courts, parked the car, then went through the security, before having a coffee whilst waiting for Rocco and the translator to arrive.
Finally they came and after thirteen years the time has come to try and get some money out of the banks! Joke one!
The case was supposed to be heard at 11am, eventually we went in at 1pm, we couldn’t understand much, but what we did was the
Defence kept saying because Geoff’s passport was not the same as it was when he first entered the contract for the property how do they know it is the same person! As British we renew our passports every ten years, the Spanish keep the same ID all their lives. Anyway we will have to wait three weeks before we know if we won the case, then they are likely to appeal, which will take another two years, it’s a joke!
We left the court feeling a bit deflated but really didn’t expect much progress. We then travelled back home, to get a new machine for Geoff.
Arrived back about 6pm, went into village for dinner, trying Lucia’s, not very impressed, then went for a drink at the pizzeria, where we met up with Mike and Jan.
Then home for an early night we were both shattered.

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