Lapland with the Grandchildren

Up early, and travel to Gatwick, we are off to Lapland, we met Tyla and Ashleigh our Grandchildren there, and we were all excited.
What a trip, it was fantastic, anyone with young children it is a must!!

When we were all on the plane, we had a cooked meal, then after everything was cleared up, the cabin crew invited all the children down the front to sing caroles, I never seen so much organised chaos on an aircraft, but the children loved it, and it was a good start to the holiday.

Having arrived at the Hotel, we had our set times to be suited and booted, we walked down to get them, the snow looks so lovely especially where no one has been.  Now for the fun, Geoff was so funny putting on the gear, you could hear the tut tuts, and the sighs, the girls kept laughing at him. Off to lunch, and the afternoon was free, but about 5ish we walked to the local church which was in Sweden, so we have a picture of Tyla in Sweden, me in Finland and Ashleigh in both. We all had a little sing song, and then walked home for dinner and an early night, as we have been up since 4am.

We went with an organised trip, and it was very well done, everyday was packed with things we could do.  On the first day we were taken to a Husky Farm, where we had rides on the Husky sledges, and Geoff was left to do the Mush Mushing, which he thorough enjoyed. We then saw the young and old dogs, who wanted to join in the fun, so it was quite noisy. Back to the Hotel for lunch, then we did sledging in the afternoon, and Tyla, Ashliegh and I walked to the local shop. We had dinner in the evening, and an early night, apparently last night I kept the girls awake with my snoring!!

Next day we went on a coach trip, we were taken deep into a forest, where we were told to amuse ourselves until we were called, we went sledging, played a bit of ice hockey, where the girls thrashed us, we were then called to go on a sledge which was being towed by a snowmobile, we went further into the forest where we saw the reindeer, we then transferred onto a sleigh where the reindeer towed us,  as we slowed down an Elf popped up and asked if the girls were called Ashleigh and Tyla, so we were invited to see Father Xmas in his home, we had a long chat to Father Xmas, I even got to sit on his lap, we left there and went back to the base, where Ashleigh had a go on a small snowmobile. Later we all went on the big snowmobiles, Geoff drove, and I went on the back, the girls sadly had to go in the front, where they were towed by a snowmobile. I was a bit scared as it was pitch black, and we seemed to be going quite fast, we did a large loop, then we were supposed to change over, but I chose to stay on the back. Thoroughly enjoyed our day. Next day we had to be out of the room by 9am, no problem they had given us a big room where we left our bags, then we could enjoy the morning making snowmen, sledging, we took our suits back, then had lunch, we piled onto the coach to be told it had been delayed, so they laid on some tea and coffee, and the children were able to watch cartoons. A brilliant and well organised trip by Transun.

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