A few nights in Nimes

Having packed up all our personal belongings, and put them in store, we left our beautiful home on 1 December, and had a slow meander through France, we headed for Nimes, and spent four nights there, it was lovely and relaxing. We went to the Coliseum and learnt all about gladiators etc., fascinating. In Nimes there was a beautiful park, it took us a little while to find it, as the roads are all one way, but we parked the car, and explored, it was very old, and had some ruins in the grounds, I made Geoff walk up to the top which he was not impressed with, but it had stunning views right across Nimes at the top, the park was beautifully kept, and had lots of different things in, apparently it was built for an Emperor many years ago.

It was my 40th birthday again, whilst we were here so Geoff took me to this really posh restaurant, we had some lovely food and wine, then walked around the Coliseum, which is flood lit at night.

We then went to St.Jeans de Losne, for two night, as we were looking for the perfect Dutch cruiser with the perfect price tag. Not to be found here. Had a meal at the hotel which was so expensive, five star price, three star food. Lovely walks along the river for the dogs, they thoroughly enjoyed it although it is getting colder colder, and Bella is seen shivering at times, but then so are we.

We stayed at Arras for one night before we caught the ferry from Calais and into Dover, gosh it is cold here…

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