Jane and Daves

We did not surface out of our beds until 10 am, felt very naughty, as Jane had been up since 7, taking dave to work and riding Herbie!

Over the next six months, Jane and dave have a lot of visitors, so Jane has been busy looking for beds, and today, we went out looking for some!  We then collected dave from work! had a lovely dinner! followed by whiskey.

Up early, well better than yesterday, today is Friday, the week- end starts now, they have Friday and Saturday off, and work Sunday.

Dave went for a run with the dogs, whilst Jane rode Herbie, we all met up at 10am, and decided to look at another bed, then onto the Mall for lunch. We had lovely wraps, imagefollowed by cinnabon, they are lovely, these were especially nice imageas they were straight out if the oven.

After lunch we went for a drive along the beach, there were hundreds of kite surfers, also a guy on jet ski, with another one somehow attached to it, and being propelled vertically out of the water, looked great fun, we then went on to the F1 race track in Abu Dhabi, where imageJane and Dave ran around the track 5k for charity, it was good sitting in the stands, but made Geoff very envious that he had missed the race.  Jane wished she had not had her Cinnabon.image

back home for dinner and bed.

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