Derbyshire with Marian Martin and Russell

We decided to have a full breakfast, which I have to say was very good, would stay here again, everything was excellent.

Back to the car, and we travel to Derbyshire, we arrive early, so go into Buxton to do some shopping, and post the xmas cards for Spain, early I know, but we leave on Wednesday for Abu Dhabi.

Getting colder by the minute, we arrive late afternoon, another catch up, although we onlyimage saw them a couple of weeks go in Spain. Had a lovely supper and Martin then gets the malt whiskey out!

In the morning we get up to find it has been snowing, so we decide to leave after lunch, and stay in Manchester near the airport, so we have a huge portion of fish and chips and are on our way again, having re-sorted our baggage.

Glad we decided to stay in Hotel as the drive to Manchester was very interesting, with icy patches on the roads.

After another good nights sleep, we left Hotel at 6.30am, headed for the airport on shuttle bus, very efficient, flight was on time, and very comfortable, and food was good also.

Arrived Dubai at 8pm, with Dave and Jane waiting it was lovely to see them again.

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