Heading to Campoverde

Tuesday 26th September

Up early after another undisturbed night’s sleep, the secret is exhausting the pooches by the end of the day and throwing the ball into the pool certainly did that!!  Where Martin lives, it is on a very narrow, no through road on the side of the mountain with a big drop one side and overgrown individual “rocky” building plots on the other. When we arrived we drove Rosie in knowing we would have to reverse her out as there is nowhere to turn her, another reason to start early!!!

Reservation with flamingoes, they are hiding at the moment!

At the agreed time we reversed out, Martin marched down his steps and we were away.  Alicanté airport is just over an hour away by car but in Rosie and with people heading for work, probably a little longer.

On the beach

A good run to the airport and we dropped Martin off in plenty of time to catch his ‘plane.  We now headed towards Guardamar, we seem to remember motorhomes parking up there and besides we know a “cracking” restaurant called “Canada” that do excellent “Menu Del Dia’s”; Christine even found a free place to park-up, win-win.

Dogs enjoying the beach

We arrived at the site, it’s not free, not in Guardamar, and nowhere near the restaurant and besides the site reminded us of the one we spent a night at in Peniscola, so we headed off.  After some consideration we decided we would head to the car park near Lo Pagan just outside “Puerto San Pedro” alongside the beach, amongst the San Pedro salt-pans. 

We arrived early afternoon and although the car park was fairly busy, we found a place to  stay; result!!   It was another hot day and the dogs had been cooped up for many hours so the first thing Christine did was take them down to the beach where they immediately took to the water and ran around like a couple of lunatics, but enjoyed themselves.  Later the car park thinned out so by “deduction” we assumed the beach wouldn’t have so many people on and headed on down.   Again the dogs took to the water but this time Christine and I were dressed accordingly so went in with them as well; we all had a great time and the sea was nice and warm, this was followed by a walk along the beach.

Beautiful sunset

Back in Rosie Christine cooked a roast dinner tonight, quite a remarkable achievement in such cramped conditions.   Whilst enjoying the roast there was a beautiful sunset, we’d forgotten about these!    After dinner another walk along the beach; (we want another quiet night) before a couple of games of crib then bed at which point we turned ‘em out again for their last opportunity, and by which time they were “dead on their feet”, hopefully another good undisturbed night’s sleep🤞🤞🤞

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