Thursday 17th August

We had a lay-in this morning, well apart from an early call from two dogs and the fact that looking out up at the overcast sky didn’t infuse us with the necessary “get-up-‘n-go” that sunshine would have given us!!!  It was fortunate the two best days were whilst Jane and Mia were here.


After another “first class full english” produced by Christine, we decided to visit Fishguard, but unfortunately something we ate yesterday started to play havoc with our “innards”, so our departure was delayed for obvious reasons!!!


We eventually “hit” the road but went via Tesco in Haverfordwest as we were running out of some essential provisions I.e. coffee pods and dog food!!!  

Fishguard beach

Arriving in Fishguard we ignored the port where the ferry to Ireland departs and headed to the old harbour, a pretty little tidal place with a number of boats moored on the ground; the tide was out!!!   We saw a cafe selling fresh crab but under “our” circumstances from this morning sadly declined🥵🥵.   We then moved onto the “beach”, not much of a beach but the dogs enjoyed it.  Here we saw a commemorative plaque to the failed French invasion of 1797, why this should be commemorated I cannot understand, after all our country was being invaded for goodness sake!!!   Fortunately they were defeated at the “Battle of Fishguard”; the whole sorry sage lasted from the 22nd February ‘till the 24th February 1797 when they were defeated and their C in C, one William Tate Wes captured and that was the last time our shores have been invaded.

Tom-Tom looking very wet and scruffy

Leaving Fishguard, still overcast but dry, we headed back to Nolton Haven where we know the dogs can have a jolly god run around and frolic in the sea.    

One thing we have noticed driving around these narrow Pembrokeshire lanes are the number of gateposts for farms, private houses etc., built like circular towers out of local stone.  They are scattered everywhere and look distinct and quite attractive, they will certainly outlast wooden gateposts!!!

Lovely picture of Noltan Haven

After we had worn Tom-Tom and Rosie out we headed to the Mariners for a well deserved drink an sat overlooking Nolton Haven watching the sun go down reflecting on an enjoyable day.  Todays forecast wasn’t very good but we seemed to avoid the bad weather, hope we can again tomorrow.

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