Broad Haven

Wednesday 16th August

We woke up to another sunny day so it’s the beach again but as Jane has to head off later this afternoon we will hit “Broad Haven” beach, more commercialised but the car park is on the opposite side of the road, much easier.  

Broadhaven beach

Lunch today is leftovers from yesterday’s with a few extras, not too much as we had to get in a meal before they headed back to Hope Farm later.

Tom-Tom king of the castle

By the time we got to the beach the car park was nearly full; these surfers like to start early!!!, still we found a space so unloaded and headed over the road and as the tide was nearly out, we were spoilt for choice.   We had to stay on the southern half as this was the dog friendly beach and during the day Tom-Tom and Rosie played and socialised with a number of other dogs.   Mia and Jane again hit the sea and later we all got stuck in to build a large sand castle with moat and a village outside.  At this point Mia introduced a “motorway” for access into the complex!!!!!   Anyway a lot of fun was had by all.

We all helped to build the village, although Jane and Geoff did the most

As we approached departure time talk turned to food and Jane suggested we forgo dinner and have a cream tea instead, naturally she had Mia’s vote so off we searched for a cream tea.   It turned out there was a cafe/bar/restaurant on the seafront that sold all the components to makeup a cream tea, so that’s where we ended up.  After some trouble with the “dozy” individual taking the order who also happened to operate the till; she made a complete “cock-up” with our bill, we did get our teas: “more by luck than judgement”

Finished article

Back to base camp and after emptying beach stuff and re-filling Jane’s car with their clothes etc., they were off back home; we on the other hand got the gin bottles out and relaxed.   We had a great time but “Rosie” was bought for two people, 3-adults, a 8-year old and 3-dogs was pushing her a bit far, still we managed and had fun a lot of laughs along the way, but next time please bring a tent!!!!!

Dogs playing on the rocks
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