Down Memory Lane

Again another satisfying night in our 6ft 6in wide bed and an excellent breakfast then a quick session updating our emails etc., before we wandered up to the underground railway station, Line “D” and off to Belgrano.

For some of our non family readers, I lived here in Buenos Aires for 4 years leaving when I was 7 years old so thought it might be fun to re-visit the areas where I lived, Ha Ha, how things change!!!!!

We started with Belgrano, a suburb of Buenos Aries, getting there via the underground and a 10 minute walk arriving at the Belgrano station, the park outside, and the level crossing, all of which I remember, but that is where it ends!  All the big houses and the whole area has been knocked down and replaced with modernish apartments, well it has been 63 years since I left.  The good thing is that they have retained the original “square blocks” and the tree lined avenues.   We wandered about, walked the length of the railway platform  dodging all the people waiting for the train to take them to Tigre, a destination for the city locals to go at weekends to relax on the coast.  I remember my parents talking about this activity back in 1950, some things don’t change.  We had a very pleasant walk about and what’s more, Christine enjoyed this experience though she was still suffering the effects of the flight.

Next we decided there was time left to go to La Lucila, the other place I lived, however this could prove a little difficult as we had no idea how to get there.  We stopped at a local cafe for a beer and a tea (guess what Christine had!) and with tung in cheek, asked the waiter if he knew. After a few minutes he said we should get the 59 bus, direct, well wonders never ceases but first we had to buy a smart card, then put some money on it, ouch!  We found the local “fag” shop where these cards were sold and when the card was charged with credit, marched off to the appropriate bus stop.  Along came a 59 bus, we hailed it down, that’s what happens here if you want to stop a bus, got on only to be told it was the wrong bus, we said we were told the 59 was what we wanted, the driver in turn gave us a lot of Spanish, though he kept saying number 1 though we had no idea what else he said, but we got off.  After another 5 minutes along came a 59 bus, this one also had a big number 1 in the window, so we got on and it was right.

We sat on this bus not really knowing where we wanted to get off. It is very strange, I remember more about Belgrano where I lived from 1947 – 1949 than la Lucila where I lived 1949 – 1951, and I even went to school there!!!!! Eventually we arrived at the bus terminus so had to get off.  We then got back on the first bus back to the city.  Not a very productive trip but very enjoyable never the less;  it certainly gave us a good look at other areas in BA especially the “sleepy Suberbs” of La Lucila as the bus wound it’s way through suburbia.

We left the bus at our underground station then found that the tickets we had bought earlier in the morning were not actually returns, still we had the plastic card we bought earlier for the bus and that also worked on the train station.   A quick tot up of all the costs associated with two train journeys and two long bus rides totaled circa £3.50!  With the peso so de valued and a cheap cost of living, maybe all British Pensioners should live here!!!!!

Back at the hotel, drink at the bar, e mails etc then off straight out to dine, not a posh expensive restaurant tonight but still one recommended to us for empinadoes and pizza.  We were told that Argentina Pizzas were better than Italian ones, well I think they were right.  We had en excellent dinner, shared starter, half a superb and big Pizza each, a desert that was so big we struggled and all washed down with wine And at a total cost of  about £17.00, as I said, the place to retire to!!!

Leaving the restaurant we heard music so walked up the street and joined the crowd watching singers and dancers celebrating 69 Years of something, very lively then after some time, back to the hotel.

We have to be earlier tomorrow so to bed earlier than usual, we are both tired, till the next blog……..

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