We talked ourselves into getting up early and doing our exercises before breakfast! Thought we were on holiday, oh well off we go, we did our one mile walk, it was really good, the sun was shining, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Whilst we were walking, others were spending their time to choose where they were going to sit all day, and placing their towels on the sun beds, no wonder we couldn’t get a seat, can’t be all the Germans, as not that many on board! The pool looked as if it had a wave machine on, as it was splashing all over the place.

We decided to go to a different breakfast restaurant, this one was lovely, it was called ‘windows’, and when we arrived we could see why, they had huge windows aft. The food was very good and healthy, I had fresh fruit, followed with kippers and poached eggs, no bread, very good, the service was excellent, and I enjoyed it better than the self service.

After breakfast we went for coffee, as neither Geoff or Mike could get a decent coffee, one minute it was too weak, then they bought one that was too strong, you just can’t win.

Back to the room where we changed and went to the pool, only to find due to the swells, they had emptied the pool, such a shame as I fancied a swim, so we went into jacuzzi, which was good, we even managed to do half hour of exercises, as we had it too ourselves. There are four jacuzzi’s one on each corner of pool, but because they had a BBQ going on, most people were eating, we did not bother, as breakfast was good enough for us. We lounged around for a bit, and read, then went back to the room, as getting cooler.

As we hadn’t eaten since breakfast we went and had some scones and cream which were nice, and played crib with Mike and Jan for awhile, before changing for dinner.

We decided to try the ‘shogun’. Which was Asian, bordering on Chinese, the food was very well presented, and very tasty and tangy, better than the local Chinese, probably try it again another night, as we all enjoyed it. After dinner we went to the show, which had a juggler doing his thing, I was not very impressed. I had an early night as I was shattered, it’s hard work doing nothing!



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