Crossing the Atlantic

As we are at sea for six days, not much going on, we have been doing our exercises everyday in the jacuzzi, and walking around the deck, we decided to use the promenade deck, which is much better, not so many people around, and very pleasant. We have to do three trips around the deck which is just over the mile, and it takes 21 minutes, not a lot I know but better than nothing! We have also been doing one or two in the evening as the sea is calmer now, and the evenings warmer. The first night we left Madeira, I kept waking and feeling queasy, but since then I have felt fine, and the weather as we are approaching Antigua is very good, lovely and warm.

The pool is now open again, it had to be closed for three of the days, as the waves were causing it to sway so much, that it was dangerous. We managed a swim today, the water is chilly, but ok once you are in.

We have been to several shows, a tribute band to the Beatles was best, they were amazing, and very much like the originals, we all enjoyed them, they did two shows, there was a comedian, hypnotist, show band, and of course the juggler. Most evenings we have been for meals in many of the restaurants, the food on board is very good, and yes we are putting on weight! One night we went into the French restaurant, where Geoff could have his l’escargot, plus rack of lamb, I had scallops and duck, it’s very difficult to choose.

Lots of good food, lots of laughs with Mike and Jan, we have been playing dominoes, and to date the girls are winning, but I guess it won’t be left like that. We have enjoyed the pool and the jacuzzi, and tomorrow we will once more be in Antigua….

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