Catching Up

Sunday 1st October 2013

Another good night but by 0700hrs, 8hrs since the pooches were last let out, Christine took them out and headed down to the beach to watch the sun come up; I waited in the   MH.    After yesterdays rush to the carpark, this morning was relative quiet though I did see a Garda Civil drive in, come past us, go round the car park, and out again.  Soon after that    Christine returned having watched the dawn come up with two “worn-out” dogs, a good job as they will be bored today; a day of visits. 

Fabulous sunrise

After breakfast and having cleared away we were just about to head off when this official car with markings similar to the “Local Police” drove straight up to us and out jumped this officious looking uniformed woman and she opened her mouth and a tirade of Spanish was let out and at this point, looking dumbfounded I said sorry, slow down please I only know a little Spanish.   She started in English telling us no one is allowed to stop overnight here and there are signs around saying this.    I apologised and said we were just leaving but you could see in her eyes she was hell-bent on issuing me a fine at which point, the driver got out and sort of took over the situation and accepted our apologies knowing we were about to leave and that was that; evicted from our nice convenient overnight stop, with a beach🥵🥵🥵

Our first port of call was the “El Cafe de Africa” for morning coffee, naturally with a Soberano; we normally use the “Panaderia” but that has closed down, so met up with Frank there, whilst Sue was on the golf course.   It was good to see him looking so well and we had a good old “chinwag” but left things on the table as the four of us are out to dinner later in the week.

Our next stop was Mary’s for water before heading down to the “Restaurante Asia” the Chinese in Pilar de La Horadada; always a good “value-for-money” place to eat and again we were not disappointed.

Daf and Steve, always smiling xx

We said our good byes to Mary then headed off to Torre de La Horadada to meet up with Steve and Daffers;  the first friends i made when I bought a house in their road circa 19-years ago, and still friends!!!   It was a lovely afternoon catching up and we also met up with Wendy and David, the couple who bought my old house.

El Mahon with signs everywhere no dogs!

Having been evicted from the “Salinas” we had to find somewhere else so headed to El Mahon, a small place by the sea where we remember from our time living here motorhomes being parked up for the night.  This is in an area waiting to be developed but the streets are already in place and sure enough two motorhomes were already there, so we joined them and settled in for the night

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