At sea 20/2/2014

During the night sometime, we managed to get going again, we are now heading for Antarctica, which is very exciting.
We took a leisurely breakfast, met some nice English folk from Norfolk, where we compared travelling notes, we all thought due to the delay in leaving the Falklands, that the trip might be off! but we await news from the captain! normally he gives us a 10 am briefing, but today it has been delayed, so we await our fate!
About 11.30am an announcement from the captain! stated our plans would be changed yet again! due to the delay in leaving the Falklands, we are no longer going to Puerto Mandryn, but Elephant Island has been re-instated, so we await the next forty eight hours, at least we are going to Ushuaia, which is the end of the world!
We had lunch in the cafeteria on top level, then came down to the posh coffee shop, the staff are really nice there, and have a laugh and a joke with us. I was going for a swim, but when we went out on deck, gosh it has got very cold, everyone was wrapped up, so we decided to go back to the room and read for a while.
Today was a very quiet day, spent relaxing, in evening we went to see Michael Jackson look a like, and although he was probably very good, neither of us had been fans of his, so we left early, along with several other couples!
Onto the Martini bar, then dinner, we then had an early night as we need to be up early in the morning, as we are going to the Beagle channel.

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