A Day Cruising the Beagle Channel 21st February

I was out of bed at 0630 hrs, Christine decided to stay, and up to the Constellation lounge, up high facing forwards across the bows of the ship. Unfortunately the weather was not very Helpful, it was very misty, raining, cloudy, raining, windy and cold, 6 degrees; just like England though we could see the mountains and Glaciers dropping down into the sea, the fjords of Patagonia.

I took Christine a cup of tea in bed around 0800 hrs and we were down to Breakfast, sharing a table with Canadians for 0900 hrs. Again a leisurely Breakfast as we are travelling the length of the Beagle Channel then turning and travelling back to Ushuaia, planning to arrive around 2200 hrs.

The Beagle channel, about 150 miles long separates the southerly land mass of South America from two major Islands, Navarino and Hoste, together with several hundred more small Islands, all part of Chile. This channel is like one giant Fjord with the mountains and glaciers dropping into the sea.

After breakfast we went upstairs to sit in a comfortable seat to watch the scenery go by, unfortunately so did most other passengers and we could only find a seat and table in the Ocean Cafe. This was a little unfortunate as this cafe is self service food, all day long and Christine had a dicky tummy, self inflicted I hasten to add, too many glasses of wine last night!!!!! Though by lunch time she enjoyed a Pizza and followed this with another glass of Wine!!!!!

The scenery was quite stunning and the glaciers in places looked blue due to a combination of factors, can’t remember what they were but it was spectacular. By the time we turned around, most people had left the Ocean View Cafe so we had a choice of tables. The weather also improved with the grey lifting and some sun appearing, it was then that we heard over the PA system that the Captain gave permission for passengers to access the helipad situated right on the Bowes of the ship. It was much better viewing the scenery without double glazing that had wet streaks on the outside.

Tonight our show was an extravaganza with all the specialist acts doing something, it was riveting and the hour and a quarter it lasted flew by and it was time for dinner. Tonight we were still feeling the effects of eating so much over the previous days that we looked for the more lighter dishes, well I did, Christine enjoyed yet another steak.

The ship docked around 2200hrs in Ushuaia, though I was asleep!

Early to bed tonight as we had to set the alarm for 0500 hrs ready for our 6 hour tour tomorrow starting at 0630hrs.

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