Xmas Day

Jane and Joe were up quite early to go and ride Herbie, Dave went for a long run with the dogs, whilst we had a very leisurely breakfast, avoiding a lot of food, as we are going to a brunch today.  We did a bit of domestics, then we all had showers.

imageEveryone ready, we sat down and distributed presents, it must imagehave been a handbag xmas, as we all had new ones, mine was a Guess, Janes a Disneyworld! and Jo’s was a Prada, I had a necklace, two pairs of ear rings, and a matching purse to go with my handbag, so I was thoroughly spoilt, Geoff had crystal glasses to match the ones at home, some new imageswimming trunks! and a book? Dave had a new easel and some puzzles to keep him going, but the funniest thing was when Dave gave Jane her sunglasses, we all related our various stories, how we managed to block her buying them yesterday.image

imageTime to put our best clothes on, and go to the Ritz Carlton, wow! it was decorated out so well! and although it was very expensive, it was  imageworth it. They had carol singers, and a pianist playing all the time, and the decorations were fantastic.

We started with a fish course, with scallops, oysters,crab,lobster, we could have had sushi but passed on that. Then we had foie gras, freshly cooked! it was amazing. imageFor the main course we had a selection of turkey, goose, duck, and the biggest joint of beef I have ever seen.image

When it came to the puddings, these were in a separate room, they had two chocolate fountains, with selection of fruit, marshmallows etc., gateau’s everything any one could want, even a candy floss and popcorn machines, just fantastic.

Geoff managed to find some room for cheeses, but I declined.  The drinks had flowed all day, I had chosen the non-alcohol package, so Geoff had ordered me some vodka to go into my lemon/mint drink, I also had some of his wine, so we got away with that one.

imageWe had arrived at 12.30, and eventually moved from our table some time after 5pm, we wondered around the gardens, down to imagethe beach, then headed home.

We played UNO then crawled into bed, we were all pleased with our choice to go out, less hassle. Merry Xmas everyone.

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