Xmas at Mark & Paula’s

We arrived at Mark and Paula’s on Xmas Eve, everyone was getting excited, in the evening David and Corin with there children came around for Christmas drinks, we had a laugh, with many discussions, and lots of drinks flowing. Not sure what time we got to bed, but it was late, Ashleigh had been tracking Santa down all day, so we knew he was getting closer.

In the morning we had smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for breakfast, then settled down to open some prezzies, you should have seen the pile, everyone opened a couple, then   Derrick and Kath joined us (Paula’s Mum and Dad) then we opened some more presents, how exciting, I had lots of things, book, cross pen, socks, etc., but my main present was a pink Ipod, as I had managed to break Geoff’s, it is so tiny.

We had dinner about 3pm, Mark carved the turkey, and it was lovely, so much food and drink, in fact, we did not get up from the table till about 9pm, what a feast, fit for a king.

When dinner was over, we finished unwrapping presents, and sat and just chilled out with a few more bottles of drink, what a fantastic day, thank you Mark and Paula, you put so much effort and work into the whole day.  Brilliant.

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