Friday 21st – Saturday 22nd October 2016

Lazy start to the day, it’s good to stop, we walked to the town, and I had my nails done again. I really miss Spain for this, as thy do not last as long, they chip, they crack, never mind, I am sure when I get back Marianne will sort for me. Nails done, found Geoff in costa coffee, we then walked to the Micro brewery.

We had tried to go last Saturday, but they were closed, so today we were back, the lovely lady told us that tasting was on Saturdays only,how ironic we missed it last time. Anyway Geoff bought a nine pint barrel of beer, to share with Mark on Sunday.

Back to the boat, after dropping some laundry off to be done.

Saturday we walked to the Saints Rugby ground, and Geoff bought a new shirt, I managed to get a magnet, so both of us were happy. We left the ground, and walked over the road to get a bus into town, first time for a long time on a bus. Arrived in town to find that the market was there, plus a fun fair, the place was buzzing. We found a couple of books that we wanted at the market, then Geoff bought a new pair of trousers, last stop was Waterstone’s Geoff wanted a series of books by Geoffrey Archer, so having found them he has the whole series now, should keep him quiet.

We collected the laundry, and then realised we were missing one of Geoff’s shirt, too late to complain, shop is now closed, such a shame.

After showers etc., we went out with Hilary and Geoff, to The a Greyhound, it is a chef and brewer chain, and the food was lovely, we had a good laugh, and we will see them again in Dublin for the rugby in March.

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