Welcome to ‘Bertie’

A quick look at Yellow Pages, sort out where all the local motor cycle shops are, put some postal codes in tomtom, and off we go. First stop was Boscombe, where we met a lovely lady, who told us everything we wanted to know about the rules and regulations of owning and riding a motor cycle.Fascinating!!
Next call was to book ourselves onto a CBT course (Compulsory Basic Training) apparently these days, we can ride a 50cc bike, but with L plates if I am on the back, well that would be ok, but we are not sure that any 50cc bike would be able to carry our weight, so we needed to look at something bigger. Booked on the course for next Wednesday, should be fun.
Onto the next shop, Geoff had seen this one on the internet, we walked in and it was chaotic, so much going on,the boss suggested to Geoff having listened to what we wanted that we went for a ride on a 50cc, well that was funny, Geoff looked so big compared to the bike, but sure it will be ok, but need more cc, when he got back a representative actually came and served us, obviously she was biased, but she was very helpful, she even made us a cup of tea and coffee, then she remembered a bike that was not in stock, and she showed us the catalogue, it was exactly what Geoff wanted, big wheels,110cc and light weight, which of course is very important when putting it at the back of ‘Hector’, not very stylish, but very practical. We only went out to look at what we could get, but have now purchased ‘Bertie’ to join us on our journey, should pick him up next week, so that we can play in the car park of one of the Hotels. Watch out everyone!!

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    Good decision Geoff. Good luck with the course and test.

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