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Friday 11th 2012 Up quite early, walked the dogs, then had a lazy breakfast before we set off on our travels again, as we are now under no time constraints, we will not be using the toll roads, we are heading for Vouvant, which is near Fontenay-Le-Comte, or Niort.
We stopped for coffee on route, which is brilliant, cos we can make it ourselves, so we don’t have to pay Motorway prices, plus I get a decent cup of tea! We arrived at our site, having caused a stir in the village, we nearly went down the wrong road, which would have been a disaster, as the streets are very narrow here, a couple were shaking their heads and saying ‘NO’ so Geoff reversed up, which is no mean task, with the Motorbikes on the back, but he made it look simple, and we carried on up the hill, to where we should have been.
Another lovely Aries, with free water, but a charge of 5 Euros, lovely and quiet, with lovely

Church at Vouvant

views of the countryside, but we do overlook a cemetery, which makes it peaceful.

Walled City at Vouvant

We walked down to the walled village, where there are the remains of a castle, legend has it apparently that it was built by a fairy in 1242, in one night! (No I have not been drinking) it is pretty here. We found a tea shop, and went in, Geoff was trying his French out, when the owner replied in English; we had a lovely cuppa, and a piece of home-made cake.

River Vendee at Vouvant

The next day the weather has definitely changed for the better, we both put our shorts on, and this time strolled down by the river, the dogs love it here, the river meanders around, as we followed the ramparts around the village, and went through the only original existing gate taking us back to the tea rooms, for another cuppa and cake, this time using their internet.

Only existing gate

We are now not alone on the site, we have been surrounded by French vans, must be the week-end, still not noisy though, accept for Bella, who thinks she owns the whole area.

Castle in Vouvant

Sunday morning, and the bells were ringing, and Geoff shot off to the village to buy fresh Croissants, and baguettes for breakfast, it is Grand Prix today, so we are staying put to watch that, and so glad we did, shame about Hamilton, but he did well to get into the points at the end. As there is another site very close, we decided to move to go and see that, well we travelled the six miles, to find it was horrible, so we travelled the six miles back to stay here, as we both really like it.

Vouvant Tea Shop

Everyone has left again, I guess they have to go to work, and we are now back on our own, we decided to walk down to the village, via the river, as we needed some shops, well the village was dead, everything was closed down, including the tea shop, we did manage to get some bread though and a cake, no wonder we cannot lose weight. The sun is shining and we have had another relaxing day.

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