Travelling back to Bourne End

26-27th September 2016

Having had a lovely time in Windsor, we decided to start heading towards Oxford, which is 70 miles away, as we only manage to travel about 8 miles a day, it will take sometime.

First we had to find a post office as I found Mia’s shoes on the floor this morning, and she needs them.  The post office was quite a walk away, but as we needed groceries, we went to Waitrose at the same time.

Back on the boat, quick cup of coffee, then we were off, it was a lovely day, the washing was on, and we stopped to empty out the black water, and fill up with fresh water.  I took a shower again, means you can keep the water running, and not worry how much you use.

The Thames is lovely, so much to see, so much going on, beautiful houses, and some unusual boats, we passed a magnificent Hotel, but didn’t get its name, bet it’s expensive!

Into the Boveney Lock, and back to our free mooring, for the night, where we stayed last week.

Excellent nights sleep, then up and away, we have eight miles to do,  we approached the first lock at Bray, and realised it was unmanned, so I had to work the locks, bit confusing at first, but I got there, someone had left the sluice gates opened!

We travelled onto Maidenhead, Boulters Lock, we waited outside, for what seemed ages, so Geoff went to see what was happening, well the lock keeper was hiding in his little house, he apologised, and we went into the lock.  Lovely man, we had a little chat with him, and I took some photos of how the lock works, and his house.

Next lock was at Cookham, there again we waited, this time I went to chat to the guys, they hadn’t seen us arrive, trouble is they are not busy at present, so not many boats around.  Left the lock, and filled up with water again, as I have done some more washing, and this time Geoff had a long shower.

We meandered onto Bourne End, where we found a nice little spot, parked, had lunch, then went for a walk along the river, and into Bourne End, decided we could meet Liz in Costa Coffee tomorrow morning.

Back to the boat, dinner and bed.
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