Thursday 8th September 2016

Having had a lazy morning, done some washing, now was the time to explore Hungerford.  The pleasant 18th and 19th century buildings are set back from the road, giving the spacious feeling of a traditional market town.  None of the buildings are remarkable, but many are individually pretty.  We found a coffee shop for Geoff, this was a strange mixture of healthy food and sumptuous cakes, you can guess which ones we had.  After coffee we walked up to end of village, and down the other side, so many antique shops, we had a laugh, so many things we had chucked away, you could get a fortune for now.  A wooden high chair was going for £160, we sent a picture to Dave but he said a big NO!  We wandered into many of the shops, so many things, a Ransom lawn mower which my Dad used to have, many familiar items, think we should dig out our crystal and start selling it!

After a reality check by going to Tesco, we went back to the boat.

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