Things that go bump in the night!!

We have experienced our first day of bad weather since we left Catriona and Mike’s in May, how dare it!!  Reminds me of Blighty, and all the bad weather they have had this summer!      We spent the day doing jobs, washing etc., cleaning; it was actually quite nice to stay still for the day. The evening was spent playing games, eating, and drinking.

Off to bed, when suddenly we heard the rain lashing against ‘Rosie’, then the thunder and lightning, this was when Bella joined me for reassurance!,  then an almighty crash, (5am) we first thought we had been hit by something, maybe a tree, we both jumped out of bed, looked out of the windows, then opened the door, to find our awning blocking our entrance, it was ripped one end, and the extending arm had broken off, fortunately one of our tables had taken most of the  impact, so only table ruined, did not damage the van, Geoff wound it in a bit, then we left it, to sort in the morning.  Needless to say, I spent the rest of the night, thinking about how we could get out of this one!!

Up first thing, and we borrowed a pair of steps from the owners of the campsite, our neighbour’s had also been woken by the noise, and fortunately offered to help, we had to completely put the awning out, to start again, Geoff was winding, I was on the steps, and Steve and Wendy were holding up the corner that was broken.  We almost got it in, but not quite so had to start again, this time I was on winding duty, Steve was up the ladder, and Geoff was holding the dodgy corner tightly, this time it went in perfectly. Repairs to be done when we return to Spain, we are going to buy an umbrella for a sunshade.


After breakfast we packed everything away, and moved onto Chamonix, we parked in a huge car park, which has all the facilities, except electricity, this allows you to either walk into town, or take the free bus, they encourage tourists in France, unlike England, there are about fifty Motor homes here at present, all bringing money into the Town, paying 12 Euros to stay overnight, plus anything up to 100 Euros for ski passes, we are going to catch the cable car tomorrow to the Aiguille Du Midi, very exciting.

After lunch we took the bus to town, and wandered around, Chamonix it is interesting



going to different places, and seeing different things.  They had water rafting, the river was running quite fast after all the rain yesterday, and everyone seemed to be enjoying it.

Lots of restaurants, and cafés, shops with lots of different cheese’s and meats, I sent Geoff in to buy some, but he said they were very expensive. A mixture of shops, with expensive clothes, and walking boots, jackets, in the winter I guess it would be all the ski accessories.


We stopped for a cup of tea, and of course we had a fresh cream cake between us, as we are going out later for a meal, it was scrummy.

We meandered back to Rosie, checking at the times of the cable car, as the weather is overcast, but a comfortable 24 degrees, it has been a very pleasant day.

Walked to the bus stop again, hopped on, and went into Town, we looked at all the restaurants, and ended up down by the river, a fantastic


ambiance, they had a three piece group playing music, and the menu was really good.  I had French Soup, Duck which was cooked to perfection and a lemon pancake to finish, Geoff had 12 snails, Roast Lamb, and a Grand Marnier Pancake, followed by special brandies, very nice, plus Geoff treated me! Feel a bit squiffy now though, one too many wines, still I should sleep tonight.


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  1. Martin says:

    Chamonix, one of favourite places. But as you say, expensive

  2. Jane Steele says:

    Sounds like you have enjoyed there – not like Geoff to not buy anything at the shops tho? Must have been VERY expensive!! x

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