The passport debate

Monday wash day!  Geoff had emptied his suitcase and deposited all the washing on the floor, so I gathered it up, put in washing machine, then placed it for drying, it was not until I went to iron everything, I noticed Geoff had left some lip balm in his pocket! I shouted to him ” have you lost anything” to which he replied “yes my passport!”  well I looked in his other pockets, and yes there was his passport, a bit worse for wear!!!

Oh dear, what a shame, I did think it would dry out, which it has, but not good enough To get him out and back into the country.  So many a debate took place then, whose fault is it, should I have emptied his pockets before washing or is this down to Geoff , most woman said it was up to Geoff, all I know is Jane and I had a good laugh about it!!!!!


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