Simply the best

We moved again, this time to Pat’s, at this point I am quite tearful, as I am tired, and fed up, but I soon got into shifting things, cleaning the rooms,and soon we were settled into our new home for a few days, this time without wifi, still we will survive.

Daf's Paella

In the afternoon we went to Daf and Steve’s, she had read about our Paella in France, and said hers would be better, so we had to try it. We had a lovely afternoon and evening, and we both agreed it was ‘simply the best’, so tasty moist and full of goodies, and better still made by an English lady. We could not


fault it.

On Sunday it was the Valencia Grand Prix, so we went to Herbert and Liz to watch, we had a light lunch, followed after the race, by a Sunday Roast at a local restaurant.  The race was good, it would have been better if my man had not be knocked off the track.

Back to Pat’s to find she was watching England play Italy, well I am not sure England were playing really, no wonder we do not win anything, they are awful. The right team went through.


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