Our last few days in France

Pool at Camp site

We have had a lovely time here, we have used the pool, paddled in the sea, although today I think I could have gone in, it was lovely and warm.  I have enjoyed it here, it

Morning and evening walk

is so easy for the dogs, we walk along the beach in the morning, which is really relaxing, and in the afternoon they are allowed in for a swim, what a life!

Friday we went into Town, and looked around all the boutique shops, and saw the old cathedral, which I walked up another spiral staircase, the views from the top were amazing, the bells were chiming, which was almost deafening,

Inside the Cathedral

we then went for lunch, Geoff had his 6 Oysters, I had Calamari, followed by Spaghetti Fruit De Mare, very good.


Camargue Nature Reserve

On Saturday, we also went for a ride on the bikes, and found lots of the horses that are native to this part, I call them white, but I am told they are greys, anyway, they are just like the New Forest Ponies, they roam the countryside here.  It is a lovely part of the world, it is mainly a Nature Reserve, with

Just like England with better weather!

the Petite Rhone meandering alongside the road.  We went over the bridge, one way, and on the way back we had to catch a ferry, which would have been fine, but we had over an hour to wait, just by chance, there was a rustic restaurant and bar, where we could wait, alongside the Ferry, so we had a glass or two whilst waiting. Some riders came by, and tied their horses up, settled in to a nice lunch, it was a very unusual but pleasant place.  I wished

Andrew good luck for tonight, as JLS are officially opening his new club, in return he asked

Hmmmm…. Shall I go or not….

if Geoff would like to go to Canada, to help crew his new boat, back to the Caribbean, well you can imagine, Geoff hesitated for a nanosecond, and is now looking forward to a

On the Ferry

three week sail in October down the Eastern Seaboard of America, via   Bermuda, to probably Antigua, whilst I get the job of re-filling our Villa, do I have a problem with that! Certainly not. We are now going to head back to Spain probably quicker than we

The Ton-Up Kids!

intended, although on route we have booked ourselves into a vineyard, in the Cava region, so we are hoping to buy the sparkly for the wedding.

Sooty entertaining a family on the beach

Sunday we will be spending packing up, watching the Grand Prix and hopefully Hamilton winning! we will not be on internet for a few days.

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