Our first full day

Sunday 13th August

To avoid paying the parking dues for two vehicles we elected to get away before 0800hrs and find a nice lay-by for breakfast, but nothing would happen until sand though it wasn’t raining, the sky looked full of it; a great start to our short holiday!!!

Leaving  Brecon along the A40 was rather pleasant; minimal traffic as we meandered through the Brecon’s with intermittent rain falling.   Fortunately during one of the short interludes of sunshine we found a reasonable lay-by off the road so stopped for breakfast and it also had a reasonably grassy area to walk the dogs.

We weren’t due at the camp site officially until 1409hrs so didn’t rush but stopped at Tesco in Haverfordwest as we received confirmation Jane and Mia were coming down this evening for a few days so had to “up” our provisions!!!

Newgate beach

Arriving at our camp site at the appointed hour and drove into the field overlooking St. Brides Bay with only one other caravan, we were spoilt for choice and once settled headed to Newgale Beach to give the dogs a good run-around. Unfortunately after paying to park and climbing over a mountain of stone flood defences, we saw the signs, “No dogs off the leads”, and worse, the tide was right in so no sand either!!!!   Having paid to find this out we were quite “peeved” as we headed off towards Nolton Haven.   Newgale is a vast beech whereas Nolton a small inlet with a beech and therefore much quieter so parked the car using the same ticket we had from Newgale 👍 and walked to the sandy beach; no dog signs, a result.   We had a paddle whilst Tom-Tom and Rosie charged around, in and out of the sea like a couple of hooligans and were completely “pooped” by the time we put them in the car.

Noltan Haven, lot more doggy friendly

Back at base camp in time for Jane and Mia’s arrival who turned up in good time for dinner. After dinner we played Marjon before the fun and games began, ie, making up the bed.   This was the first time we had converted the table area into a rather limited double bed but with much laughter, and a fair amount of cursing, we achieved a bed; how comfortable it would be, we would no doubt find out in the morning!!!

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