Our (CBT) ‘Compulsary Bike Test’.

Up early, breakfast by 7.30am, wow!! so many people about this early.!! We then dressed in thermals, ski socks, leggings, anything to keep us warm, we left the Hotel by 8am, and we were walking the dogs shortly after. It is so cold..
At 8.45am we were joined by the instructor, who set out the course, we began with a cuppa, very sociable, he explained what we were going to do, then out in the cold again. The bikes were explained to us, and we were shown how everything worked, then off we went, figure of eights, right turns, left turns, emergency stops, all very good, but we were still in an enclosed area.
Back into the classroom, another hot cuppa, by which time we were freezing, so it was very welcome, we did some highway code, then back outside, and on the proper roads.
We went up and down side roads, following each other, with the instructor, talking to us, via a radio system, he was giving instructions from the front at first, but then I had to go first, it was very good. We carried on to a busier part of the town, and then onto Poole, mixing with the heavier traffic, at times we were reminded to stop indicating, and look more, but I think in general we did ok. We stopped for lunch at a Costa in a garage, had a little chat, then Geoff lead the way back, I was in the middle, and the Instructor was at the back.
We both thoroughly enjoyed the day, we both past our test, and now I want one for myself, so providing we can carry the weight that is what we will do. We want to be a two bike family ‘his and hers’ after all, I now have a very smart crash helmet, white with little pink flowers, and a floral display. Geoff has a boring black one.
Back at the Hotel, we are now thawing out, and happy with our achievements, it is over 40 years since we have been on motorbikes.

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  1. So you’ll be wanting a pink bike to match the helmet then!! Well done both. I want to see a picture of the two of you riding these machines. Should be priceless


  2. Christine says:

    I might have to get the same model bike, cos of the weight issue, but guess I could put some flower stickers on it!! Just to give it some street cred!!!

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