Wednesday 12th October 2016

Up early a beautiful sunny day, blue skies, we left early as we have a long way to go today. We started before breakfast, normal routine washing machine on, first stop water. and take in breakfast as well.

We travelled on for eight miles, then stopped at Gayton, as we wanted information on Northampton and the River Nene, well that was a waste of time, they couldn’t help, so we decided to keep going. We turned onto the Northampton arm part of the Grand Union, to face a notice, which read flight of 17 locks to Northampton, so off we went.

We started at 12, we should have stopped for lunch before we started, but we decided we would stop in the middle, easier said than done, so we just had to keep going. I did nine locks then we stopped over, by this time we were starving, it was 2pm, so when we were in the lock, I ran down and prepared a chunk of cheese and biscuits, that kept us quiet for a little while. We met several boats and they left some gates open, which helped us, and when we saw someone coming we did the same. It was nearly 4pm when we had got to lock 14, and pouring with rain, we were soaked, and I was getting cold and tired.

The sun came out again, and we kept going, we finally arrived about 5pm, I quickly made dinner, as Geoff is meeting Mark tonight, I am having a quiet night in, I am shattered.

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