Moving on

Having enjoyed our stay back in Chusclan, I think if the dogs were asked for their favourite place on our journey, it would be here.  They love it!


Bella  comes back a drowned rat, and Sooty is just very tired, we have been throwing sticks up river, and there job is to get it, the river runs very fast here, and it is funny watching Bella trying to tread water and make progress, sometimes she does, other times, she rushes down with the water. They are then tired for the rest of the day.

Geoff loaded his bike, and we left about midday, we are going to Arles (40 miles) so no rush, we thought!

Tom tom set, off we went, the problem we have with the brilliant bit of technology, she does not understand that we are over 11metres long, so when she said turn sharp left, we looked, and it was a physically impossible, and even the road did not look wide enough to take us, so I quickly put another site in, which was supposed to be in Town, well when we got there it was miles away, so we decided to leave Arles for another day.

We have learnt not to expect to get into all these Aries and campsites, because of our size,


so we had another place logged in, which is in the Camargue National Park, Stes-Maries-de-la-Mer.

We stopped for a quick lunch, and a walk for the dogs, and then continued, only another 25 miles so not too bad, we arrived at the site, and quickly booked in.  Struggled to find a place, as for some reason they have closed of half the area, but we squeezed ourselves in and sorted ourselves out. I quickly did a load of washing, as we haven’t done any for a while.

Dogs enjoying the beach

Lovely spot, and just outside the campsite is a lovely sandy beach, where we walked the dogs, and they had there normal swim, no notices around for ‘ no dogs on beach’.




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