More of the same

Wonderful this morning, we didn’t arrive at St Kits until around 0930, so didn’t have the pleasure of the captain waking us to tell us we’d arrived.

Neither of us could remember St Kits though we think we sailed in here on Whitbread, some 11 or 12 years ago so decided to go ashore and see if our memories could be jogged.  Soon after collecting our tender ticket we were called to our tender, a far cry from the disaster at St Lucia a couple of days earlier.  Dropped off at the terminal amongst all the touristy shops luring you in with the promise of the best deal on earth and a free gift if you go in, we walked straight through and into the original town of Basseterre, apart from a coffee we covered enough of the town to understand why we couldn’t remember if we’d been here before, nothing of interest.  We found a supermarket and bought some still water but didn’t find sparkling for Christine so headed back a different way to the ship when we came across a Chinese shop, yes they are here as well!!!  To be fair they did stock sparkling water and Christine would have bought the remaining 6 bottles, but could only manage to hold 5, she dropped one and being glass didn’t bounce; ? whoops ?, this action did cause a mighty uproar with some fellow who walked in with no shoes on!!!!!

Back on board and a visit to the buffet before relaxing on our balcony.  We’ve never had a balcony before, couldn’t see the point as there is plenty of deck space and thought it was an expensive add-on.  I think we have changed our minds as we have used and enjoyed it on this cruise.

I have to say the lure of the Caribbean is very strong and much to Christine’s horror, I hanker to have another boat out here.

After a pleasant afternoon sunning ourselves on our balcony we went down to the Britannia restaurant, again, and then thoroughly enjoyed a show of singing and dancing by the Royal Court theatre singers and dancers backed by the Royal Court Orchestra. Tonight there was a Caribbean party on the aft deck though it wasn’t very well attended, perhaps it would have been better on a sea day when people hadn’t been ashore.  Also Christmas has arrived, they are getting toe decorations out, more on this later post

Tomorrow we head for Tortola, our last Caribbean destination before heading north to New York.

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