Le Bourget Du Lac

Jobs all done, we are off again on our travels, the scenery is amazing, and although we have only done 80 miles, the landscape has changed again, the nearer we get to the

Journey to the Alps

Journey north

Alps the greener everywhere gets. We still have the traditional trees lining the roads, and the fields of sunflowers, but the backdrop of the mountains are lovely.

We arrived at about 11am, quickly sorted ourselves out, and then did the boring things, like changed the sheets, washing, and cleaning, whilst Geoff was doing the water and the looe.  We have most facilities here, it is an Aire, but next door to a campsite, so you can use their showers etc., we have no electric, and we do not think you can use the generator, so Geoff cannot have his coffee, but we are back on wifi, and our log is once again up to date.

Le Bourget Du Lac

We went for a walk with the dogs,past a sailing club, but the lake has been turned into a private beach, and dogs are not allowed, which is fair enough, so we headed to some woods, where we found an observation post (hide) with

Le Bourget Du Lac Reservation

views over a reservation, with loads of different birds enjoying the wetlands area.

Today has been catch up day, tomorrow we will start exploring again, we both had long awaited showers, and an early night.

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  1. Dave and Sue says:

    We have just managed to look up your website and catch up with where you are at the mo and we are so glad you are both enjoying yourselves. France is lovely and our most favourite place so far, so can understand you love the life style too. Have fun and we will keep following you trail and love to you both
    sue and dave xx

  2. Christine says:

    Lovely to hear from you both, and yes wish we lived in France, although the winters are not warm enough for us. Love xx

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