Joining the Queen Mary 2

We were up quite early, and for a few days now Geoff has wanted a McDonald’s. So today we decided to go and look for one, we walked down a couple of streets, and then asked a policeman, and he directed us to one.  Two Mcmuffins ordered with coffee, and a hash brown, it was quite good actually!

Back to the Hotel, picked up our cases, called a taxi, we thought we only had a few minute ride, but the ship was in Brooklyn, which took nearly thirty minutes, so 50$ later, we were in the port.

Queen Mary 2

Queen Mary 2

We were not sure if we could board early as our ticket said board at 2.30pm. We had the easiest checking in, hardly any waiting, everything went very smoothly, until we got to the room, and our keys would not work. Our steward let us in, and I quickly went to the launderette and loaded the washing whilst Geoff tried to sort the keys.  Apparently when we registered at the first gate, nothing worked, so although somehow we got on board, we were not officially on the records, which is why the keys did not work, after the third attempt they realised what the problem was, so we were sorted.  We went to the cafe and had a light lunch, we had beef rolls, the beef was very tender and tasty.

Washing and ironing done, we were unpacked, then fire drill, by which time it was dinner time,
We had to share a table, it turned out the lady sitting next to me, came from Southampton, but now lived in Canada, she knew it all, and promptly told us.

Dinner finished, we went to the show, which was very good, then went on deck to watch whilst we left New York, (9pm) the city looked lovely at night, very romantic as we sailed away. The views were amazing, all the skyscrapers were lit up, including the Statue of Liberty.

We explored a bit more of the ship, then went back to the cabin, and relaxed.

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